Terminal access


By default the SSH server is running so you can log into your box remotely from your terminal.

ssh tooloop@<IP-ADDRESS-OF-YOUR-BOX>

Windows users might want to install PuTTY.

Terminal commands

There's a bunch of terminal commands for your convenience. Use them on the local machine or remotely via SSH.

Shortcut Description
tooloop-presentation-start Calls /assets/presentation/start-presentation.sh
tooloop-presentation-stop Calls /assets/presentation/stop-presentation.sh
tooloop-presentation-reset Calls stop and start script
tooloop-display-off Turns the display off
tooloop-display-standby Turns the display to standby
tooloop-display-on Turns the display on
tooloop-display-blink Makes the desktop background flash. Got more then one box and want to know which one you're on?
tooloop-vnc-on Starts the VNC server
tooloop-vnc-off Stops the VNC server
tooloop-settings Opens a local browser with the settings UI
tooloop-screenshot Takes a screenshot immediately, no matter whether the screenshot service is running
tooloop-screenshots-clean Will delete old screenshots and organize the rest in folders. This is also done automatically once a day and on every reboot.