A box for every need and budget

Tooloop Boxes

Industrial grade hardware, built to last.

Buy from a partner

For some models, I have found a partner to build and sell boxes to our spec.

Pre-assembled with pre-installed OS and professional support.

Shop parts and build yourself

Each box model has a community maintained list of parts, that meet the requirements and are supported by the OS.

Shopping your own parts you have the freedom to customize builds and re-use parts you already have.


For each requirement and budget


Box s
Tooloop Box S
Super small and darn cheap.
On-chip graphics
< 150 €
Box M
Tooloop Box M
Small box.
Mini ITX
Celeron / Intel Core i3
Intel HD graphics
500 €
Rack M
Tooloop Rack M
Small and sweet 1U rack system.
Intel Core i3
Intel HD graphics
925 €
630 €
Rack L
Tooloop Rack L
Serious CPU and GPU power. 2U rack space.
Intel Core i5
Nvidia Quadro
1.747 €
1.390 €
Rack XL
Tooloop Rack XL
The BFG9000 of media servers. 4U rack space.
Intel Core i7
Nvidia Quadro
2.246 €
1.912 €


All boxes should meet these requirements or at least have a very good reason not to.
If you’re a vendor and want to sell Tooloop Boxes? Cool, please do have a look at the following list and get in contact.


  • Rack-mountable A computer belongs in rack. Only very rarerly there's a reason to put it elsewhere. It’s safe and it’s easy to reach and maintain.
  • Size mostly doesn’t matter! Resist the urge of going too small! Do you really, really need to? Small = hot.
  • Cooling does matter! Passive cooling is mostly not for us media people. Not if your app uses at least some computational power.
  • Dust filters are the logic consequence of active cooling. If you can't provide dust filters in the chassis or rack, you will be back in half a year.
  • Silent would be nice. In a museum, a showroom or in a theatre we want to be as silent as possible. Not on the expense of bad cooling, though.


Industrial and server grade components are built to last. They withstand high temperatures, run 24/7 and you can still purchase them in a year or two.


They’re loading your videos and images much faster than spinning discs. Depending on the chassis, there’s options to mount tiny SSDs.


It should have a quiet boot option and be able to wake-on-lan.